Durga Ma in New Hartford, CT

May 1 – 7

Natural Meditation Retreat, May 3

SKY Retreat, Shaktipat Intenisve, May 4

Life Readings, May 1-2, 5-7

Satsanga, May 2


Durga Ma is a composer, author, and shaktipat kundalini yoga master
with a special gift for understanding ancient mystical teachings and Sanskrit texts and applying them to a modern world. A practitioner of an unusual form of yoga practice, Durga Ma is off the grid, even among yogis. Her teachings are directed to people seeking to improve their circumstances while living a spiritual life in the world, and to those who seek spiritual fulfillment and liberation as taught by spiritual masters who have succeeded in this endeavor.

Durga Ma, shaktipat kundalini, Sanskrit, spiritual master
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