Durga Ma

Durga Ma brings the ancient teachings of the East into the modern world. What she teaches, she has tested in her own lab, her meditation.

Practicing authentic yoga meditation in excess of eight hours a day, she brings that experience into her work. With nearly forty years of study and meditation practice, Durga Ma has achieved what she sought, and now she shares it with you.

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Taking a Chance on God

If you want something from God, surrender it to God. If you want God, surrender yourself to God.

In whatever way one surrenders to Me, I bestow the same in exactly the same way. Thus is the way each person takes refuge in Me the basis of My way of serving them in return. — Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4, verse 11

I study the Bhagavad Gita as God, and these teachings reveal themselves to me. You seek to know the truth of these teachings so you read these posts, and to the degree that the Gita is God to you, Truth is revealed to you.

The way you resort to God
determines how God responds to you.

If you want to hear music, you don’t take out a palette and brushes. If you want cake, you don’t reach for the vegetable drawer. The way you resort to God determines what will come of it. If you think surrendering to enjoyment, for instance, is the same as surrendering to God because “all is God”, you will only get enjoyment in return, and we all know how temporary that is.

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All Is God and So Are You

You and God are One. If you think I’m just pulling your leg, surrender yourself to God and find out…

God is the offering, God is the oblation poured out by God into the sacrificial God-fire. By this God-action, God is attained. — Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4, verse 24

God — Truth, Spirit, The Divine, The Absolute, The Ultimate, Guru, The True Self, the Real You…

Now, if you are wondering how this can ever happen to you, remember this verse and you will come to see that it is so simple that it vexes the mind—but not You. You already know all this. You already know that there isn’t anything else, it’s all God. Even if you think you don’t think this is so, way down deep inside you know it Absolutely.

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The Spiritual Adventure of Gain By Chance

One must take up the spiritual journey as an adventure and enjoy the process. Adventures do have their challenges (that’s what makes them adventures), but with this spirit, challenges are exciting omens of excellent progress. One can then grow old with much contentment and many good stories. 

Content with gain by chance, beyond duality, indifferent in success and failure, even though one has acted, one is not bound. — Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4, verse 22

This is a lovely way to describe ‘adventure’. Can you imagine a life where everything is known in advance and always in your comfort zone? This would be a good definition of ‘boredom’!

When you are not acting with will, purpose and intent as Lord Krishna has directed, you don’t know how things will turn out. When you are not acting deliberately for the purpose of getting things to be a certain way (this describes the norm of daily life), the results of your actions are unpredictable, and adventure is afoot!

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