Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union’—union of opposing energies in the body, and union with the Real, the Absolute, God, Truth. Real Yoga does not ask you to turn yourself into a pretzel, yet it does not ignore the physical arm of Yoga but reveals a much bigger picture. Its aim is the emergence of the Real You, the divine individual that you really are—You in your natural state of freedom and eternal happiness. Real Yoga is experiential and surprisingly simple.


Can you imagine a life where everything is known in advance and always in your comfort zone? This is a good definition of ‘boredom’, yet it describes the norm of daily life for most people. Surely you are not ‘most people’…?

There are two ways to seek The Real: You can either try to prove It to be as you believe It to be by trying to validate your belief, or you can subject yourself to It and find out first hand.

The first way, the way of modern science and religion, is safer for the ego but if your theory is wrong, you end up with nothing. If on the other hand you subject yourself to The Real, you will experience for yourself what That is. You won’t be able to prove it to anyone else, but you will know for yourselfThis is one meaning of “self-knowledge”, and it is the only way you will ever know through your own experience what is Real and what is not. This is something any good explorer understands, and he or she thrives on the adventure.

Real Yoga
Spontaneous Experiential Meditation
The meditation that does all the work for you.
The most amazing adventure you could ever take.
Surrender Meditation

What if you found a way to meditate that you didn’t have to work at, because it just happened to you?

What if meditation had a natural direction of its own that would send you on your merry way to experiencing deeper meditation than you ever imagined?

What if this caused positive changes in your life and your relationships?

What if this brought you results so encouraging and inspiring that meditating on a regular basis made its way to the top of your priority list?

Durga Ma’s courses (the Yoga Sutras in disguise) consist of short easy lessons that give you information and tools for putting what you learn into action on an everyday basis, on your own time. Most courses include music and other bonus items that you can keep  at no extra cost. So why hesitate? Don’t wait, start now.