Durga Ma

After forty years of seclusion and yoga practice, Durga Ma shares her experience with you. Her reclusive years have been comprised of several hours of meditation daily, and the intimate study of Sanskrit texts on yoga and meditation. Her experience and knowledge have given her a much needed perspective on spiritual practice and its effects on the individual and on the world. 

Durga MaDurga Ma brings the ancient teachings of the East into the modern world. What she teaches, she has tested in her own lab, her meditation, bringing forty years of experience into her work.

Her teachings are for those wishing to improve the quality of their lives and lead a spiritual life, and for those wishing to dedicate their lives to achieving liberation and union with the Divine, Truth, Absolute God.

Mindful Life Meditation

Get your feet wet with a mild form of Natural Meditation at an Encounter. Slip into a natural state of meditation with ease. Discover the release and relief of reaching a true meditative state without the effort or stress of using your will.

Learn the science and practice of meditation in Master Classes, and experience an intermediate form of Natural Meditation. Reach deeper states of meditation though correct knowledge. Such knowledge will naturally increase your progress by a thousand times, and bring about deeper experience.

Receive direct shaktipat and become initiated into the full form of Natural Meditation, the original meditation of ancient masters from which meditation techniques were eventually derived. Increase your knowledge base and begin Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, full surrender Natural Meditation. 

Shaktipat Intensives with Durga Ma are held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mindful Life Mastery

Continuing spiritual development outside of meditation. 

Improve your life and serve the world through progress. Every step you take pulls every one of us with you. Master Classes and Retreats in an interactive setting.

Durga Ma’s approach to mindfulness combines the science of meditation and the foundations of personal growth for a fully rounded experience. Putting these essentials into action and learning how to access your inherent power, you will transform your ability to navigate life and stay in the driver’s seat.

Teacher Training & Certification

Train to teach others and become a Certified Teacher of Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation and Mindful Life.