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Avis Cole Attaway, M.S., L.M.F.T.  (Siddhi)

SiddhiOrientation Master

Natural Meditation Encounters, Facilitator
Master Class, teacher
Events coordinator and presenter

I am licensed by the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1997. I received a Masters Degree from Loma Linda University in 1994, and currently am working to complete my dissertation for my PsyD at Ryokan College (Doctor of Psychology). My first book, The Image Maker: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out is pending publication and should be available by Summer, 2017.   

Certified in Hypnotherapy by Dr. Eleanor Fields, 1999; Certified in Past Life Regression by IARRT, 2011; Trained in Spiritual Regression by TNI, 2011; Certified in Life Between Livs by TNI, 2012.  I am a hypnotherapy teacher and an LBL instructor for TNI, and a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in trauma and attachment, with a sensitive awareness of the individual’s personal spiritual truth. I have extensive training in The Comprehensive Resource Model  (CRM) – a mind-body approach to the treatment and resolution of PTSD and traumatic memories, as well as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and anger management, and including relational problems. I teach CRM, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, breathing, and the effective use of daily meditation.

First trained in Transcendental Meditation in 1971, my practice has spanned over 40 years with varying degrees of satisfaction. As a lifelong student on the spiritual path, my journey has taken many routes. Receiving Shaktipat from Durga Ma in 2014 has led to a deeper, richer experience that has proven to be the “missing piece” of the meditation “pie.” I am currently acting as an Orientation Master for Durga Ma’s Mandala Team.

Kristina Luce  (Anandi)

AnandiOrientation Master

Natural Meditation Encounters, Facilitator
Master Class, teacher
Events coordinator and presenter
Certified Teacher, Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation

A long time Mandala Team member, Kristina Luce graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Classical Social Thought and Philosophy in 2001. In 2005 she became a licensed massage therapist while also continuing her career of 13 years as a nationally certified level III ski instructor and trainer.

Kristina was formally introduced to self-inquiry and meditation while building her massage therapy practice at a local yoga studio in Connecticut. It was here where she learned that much of her life had already been spent in spiritual practice and self-inquiry, and that she was unaware of it simply because she had no formal guidance.

Attending numerous Enlightenment Intensives as both a participant and staff member, Kristina had her first enlightenment experience. For five years she studied with various teachers and in various spiritual traditions seeking guidance while continuing deep contemplative meditation practice several hours a day, until she met Durga Ma in 2012. Immediately recognizing this as her pathKristina became a shaktipat initiate of Durga Ma and had her long desired prayer of finding a true teacher fulfilled.

In addition to her devotion to yoga sadhana, Kristina stays at home with her one-year old son Samuel, continues her healing practice and teaches meditation. Her desire for her life’s work is best described in the words written by Parhamasana Yoganada:

“Lord, may Thy Love shine forever in the sanctuary of my devotion, and may I be able to awaken that Love in other hearts.”

Kristina is a Certified teacher of Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation, with classes in Connecticut.

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Basil Chen (Kalki)

KalkiOrientation Master

Natural Meditation Encounters, facilitator
Master Class, teacher

Kalki (Basil Chen) is a practitioner of Surrender Mediation in the Sanatana Dharma tradition for over twenty five years. He received Shaktipat Initiations from Durga Ma (in the lineage of Swami Kripalu Ananda and Lakulish) in 1992. Kalki has studied and is very conversant in Advaita Vedanta (the tradition of Ramana Maharshi). He advocates surrender to the divine along with deep self inquiry into the nature of the Self for aspirants seeking to rest in Freedom.

Basil is also Professor of Accounting and Finance at the School of Business, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada. His research interests include positive organization identity; positive organization scholarship; virtuous organizational practices; value based leadership; and performance measurements. He received his Ph.D. in Values Driven Leadership from Benedictine University. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and an alumnus of Wilfrid Laurier University where he completed graduate degree in business (MBA).  Prior to his appointment at Centennial College, he held leadership and management positions with both private and public companies that encompass controllership, market management and operations. He resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife and daughter and can be reached at

Emir Salihovic (Brahmananda)

BrahmanandaNatural Meditation Encounters, Facilitator
Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation, Teacher

Emir Salihovic (b. 1968 in Sarajevo, Bosnia) started his spiritual
journey while in his teens, starting with Enlightenment Intensives
while he was seventeen, and studying and practicing Holistic Yoga of Yogeshwar Muni (Charles Berner) under the guidance of then Dyad School of Enlightenment from Australia. Yogeshwar gave him his yogic name, Brahmananda.

During the past three decades he explored and practiced many
spiritual paths of the East and West, being, in the course of time,
ordained as a Gnostic priest, initiated into Tibetan Buddhism, as well as admitted into a sufi circle. He led several meditation and encounter groups in the region of former Yugoslavia, until he was finally instructed and initiated into the path of surrender (Natural Meditation), which he embraced as his primary Path.

Brahmananda is certified as an Enlightenment Intensive Master and has given several Intensives in the countries of former Yugoslavia, and published a book on Enlightenment Intensives.

A certified Life Coach, Brahmananda also employs Clearing therapy modality, has a year of training in Gestalt therapy, and is currently studying body oriented psychotherapies.

After discovering Durga Ma and her meditation teachings he decided to devote himself exclusively to this ancient and genuine approach to meditation, both as a practitioner and a facilitator, after completing Durga Ma’s Meditation Teacher Training.

He teaches classes in Serbia, Croatia and elsewhere in former


Arthur Rowell (Shambhu)

ArthurTech Master
Mindful Life Meditation & Mastery, course administrator
Certified Teacher, Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation

Arthur Rowell is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Information Science. He has over 20 years combined experience in Russian martial arts, Taiji, and contemplative practices, and has trained throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and the Ukraine.

Arthur was first introduced to self-inquiry while in Canada studying a traditional Russian school of self-knowledge, called Lubki. It was there that he learned to ask, “Who am I?” This question would later lead him to the Enlightenment Intensives, a four day monastic retreat developed by Yogeshwar Muni. While using a communication dyad (a cooperate contemplation technique) to inquire into the true nature of the self, he had his first kensho experience.

After completing several Enlightenment Intensives, Arthur found his spiritual teacher, Durga Ma. It was Durga Ma that taught him how to meditate successfully, how meditation works, and how to teach it to others. Now a Mandala Team member, Arthur is a shaktipat initiate of Durga Ma who is dedicated to his personal meditation practice and to sharing meditation with others.

Arthur is a Certified teacher of Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation, with classes in Mississippi.