Sky Haven is to be a haven for practitioners of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga (SKY), and a sanctuary for all sincere seekers.

Will SKY Haven be in Rio Verde?

SKY Haven

A non-profit entity for the purpose of unifying our spiritual community, we ultimately intend to develop a place where a small core of full-time practitioners of SKY Natural Meditation can live and complete their sadhana under the necessary conditions. These conditions are not otherwise available in the U.S.

Beyond this, SKY Haven plans to provide events and retreats for persons engaged in this and other types of spiritual practices. Ultimately, we hope to also accommodate individuals and householder residents and their small businesses and services within a self-sustaining community.

We currently meet online weekly at Mystical Tidbits for teachings from Durga Ma. We hope you will join us there. Shaktipat initiates of Durga Ma may apply for access to Shaktipat Roundtable, a private members-only site, to connect with other initiates and Durga Ma, and to receive the teachings of the lineage.

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