Coal Miner’s Daughter Gets An Education

From education to off-the-grid.

Durga Ma’s education began in a small mining town in Missouri, where she was “discovered” by the director of the college of music at the University of Missouri, who offered her a scholarship. She spent three years completing completed her bachelors degree in education and music (piano and coral conducting) before completing her masters degree at San Francisco State University. She has performed in concert and recital, is an elementary, secondary and adult education credentialed teacher, and has taught in the psychology department at Antioch College West in San Francisco, California.

A Hermit In the Woods

After owning her own business and raising her two children, she simplified her life in order to take up the full time study and practice of an ancient spiritual path of Eastern origin (shaktipat kundalini yoga) which is passed down through a lineage of spiritual masters. Having successfully completed the stages of this path over a period of several years, she was appointed to teach her teacher’s advanced students in the United States.

For many years Durga Ma lived in solitude meditating eighteen hours each day and studying ancient Sanskrit writings. Her extraordinary gift for comprehending the inner meanings of these great works, and her own meditative experience have given rise to an extraordinary grasp of the spiritual path.

From Student to Teacher

Hermit HeavenShe has written and published on the subject of meditation and the spiritual path, and has translated various texts from the original Sanskrit into English specifically for the Western reader. Realizing that most spiritual and religious writings and oral teachings have traditionally been carried by and addressed to men, she also interprets these teachings for accessibility for women in current time in Western culture.

Her many years of study and experience have equipped her with an amazing ability for refining ancient teachings for access to a modern world without sacrificing essentials and authenticity. She stresses empowerment through conscious choice, and personally tailors her spiritual guidance to meet each person’s needs and aims. Her students represent various religions as well as those seeking Truth outside organized religion.