Remote Shaktipat

Distance shaktipat transmission from Durga Ma to You

Distance Shaktipat Initiation

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Remote Shaktipat will free your Life Energy to awaken your kundalini. It will take you to deeper states of meditation, bring on faster progress, and enable you to experience divine union and achieve liberation. This is the sole purpose of shaktipat diksha (initiation).

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With distance shaktipat, when shakti is transmitted, it will activate the dormant shakti within your own body. This allows the Life Energy to become very strong and awaken kundalini, the evolutionary force. This all happens naturally and safely. It only remains to know what to do with this powerful force.  Read more about Shaktipat

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Experiential Meditation

Shaktipat4Remote Shaktipat, from Durga Ma to you, includes Experiential Meditation. This is a surrender meditation that replaces effort with experience. It speeds your progress 1000 times over other types of meditation. Experiential Meditation is the proper practice to follow shaktipat diksha. 

Three degrees of initiation allow you to engage this practice in stages:

  1. Your first Remote Shaktipat initiation is limited in the degree of surrender, and time spent in meditation. This is called 1st Degree
  2. A Master Class will give you the opportunity to learn more, interact with other initiates, get support and more experience. This is called 2nd Degree.
  3. After your first initiation, or after a Master Class, and one month of practice, if you would like to go forward, you may take 3rd Degree initiation from a distance, or you may schedule a Shaktipat Intensive with Durga Ma in Arizona.

Shaktipat5Not only does this meditation not rely on will power, it excludes it altogether. Experiential Meditation is entirely spontaneous and one-hundred percent experience. Shakti will direct your meditation while you remain completely free. Read more about Experiential Meditation.

shaktipat8Shaktipat Roundtable

Third Degree initiates join Shaktipat Roundtable for ongoing support and in depth teaching Tutorials. Durga Ma’s Tutorials will accelerate your progress and take you to advanced stages.

Shaktipat6• A community of initiates
• Weekly Tutorials and inspiration from Durga Ma
• Personal experience experiments
• Discussions on Tutorials and experiments
• Sharing experiences with each other
• Questions for Durga MaShaktipat1

Read more about Shaktipat Roundtable.

For an at-a-glance look at all your options, visit our Shaktipat & Experiential Meditation curriculum.

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Read Shaktipat Experiences told by Initiates


distance shaktipat8INITIATION DATES may be found on the Events Calendar. On this calendar, look for “Remote Shaktipat”. Your initiation will take place on the first Remote Shaktipat date after your application has been submitted.

TIME: You may take your initiation at any time within a 24 hour timeframe beginning at 6:00 AM (Mountain Standard Time in the USA) on the day of your initiation.

ALLOW ONE HOUR for your initiation.

COST: Remote Shaktipat donations of any amount are tax-deductible. If you do not wish to make a donation, your initiation is free.

Remote Shaktipat