Access your inherent power and find your own natural meditation

  • Empowerment MeditationAccess your inherent power
  • Understand the nature of power
  • Discover the type of meditation that is most natural for you
  • Successfully navigate life in three simple steps
  • Learn more about your mind and how to stay in the driver’s seat

Durga Ma designed Empowerment Meditation so that you can expand your consciousness, access your inherent power, and discover the type of meditation that is the most effective for you.

By the end of the course, you will have added yet another option to your meditation repertoire, and you will  know which feels most natural to you. If you don’t know by the end of the course, you will have the means to find out in your own time.

Find your own type of meditation and access your personal power, all in one meditation.

By practicing your own natural meditation on a regular basis, meditation gets easier and more effective. Because you are using a meditation that comes naturally to you, it will be easy and appealing to practice. Keeping up a regular practice will be simple, and you will begin to reap a harvest of benefits.

Besides Empowerment Meditation, the other prominent feature of this course is acquiring the ability to utilize your power successfully.  Many people have reported back to Durga Ma about this. They have had dramatic life changes by applying what they learned — discovered what they really wanted to do, went after it, and got it.  It is simple magic that you will have for the rest of your life.

Six lessons, six weeks or less. Completion survey, one week.

Bonus Audios you can download to your computer:
Talk, Meditation for Empowerment
Guided Meditation – You Have Power
20 Minute Meditation Timer – Music opening and closing – Vasu
30 Minute Meditation Timer – Music opening and closing – Afloat

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