Master Classes — There is more to know, and deeper places to go. Dig deeper and qualify to apply for Experiential Meditation Encounters facilitator.

  • Extended knowledge and more experiments
  • Learn how to develop an enticing meditation practice  
  • Deepen your meditation and enhance your experience
  • 2nd degree initiation
  • Broadcast shaktipat & meditation

Interactive classes include extended information, more experiments, meditations, discussions, question and answer periods, and a shaktipat reboot.

Repeat classes, unlimited. Blue Meditation Master


Extended information on the practice of Experiential Meditation. Questions answered.

Meditation begins and shaktipat is broadcast by the facilitator.

Sharing, discussion, questions and time for getting your feet on the ground.

In Arizona with Durga MaMeditation Master Class 2
In Connecticut with Anandi
In Southern California with Siddhi

Watch the Events Calendar for a Master Class near you

Two hours, $35
Three hours, $45
Preregistration is required