Replace Effort with Experience

Experiential Meditation will take you on the most amazing journey you will ever experience. Contrary to most teachings on yoga meditation, not only does it not rely on will power, it excludes it altogether. Experiential Meditation is entirely spontaneous and one-hundred percent experience.

Experiential Meditation

Experiential Surrender Meditation

This mode of meditation has its roots in the Indus Valley region more than forty thousand years ago. The First Master, having been observed to offer herself to Truth, resulted in two streams of followers: those who tried to duplicate what they had seen, and those who went to her to learn her secret. Experiential Meditation stems from the latter of these two original lineages.

This unusual form of meditation has been through many names. Durga Ma has settled on the name Experiential Meditation because it gives some hint of the nature of this amazing process.

Surrender Meditation is an introductory course that will help you decide if this meditation is for you, prepare you for initiation, and teach you how to find another teacher if it isn’t. Ten lessons, $39.95 

Shaktipat & Experiential Meditation

Shaktipat — Lighting one candle with another candle, from Durga Ma to you. Free the Life Energy and awaken kundalini naturally. Achieve deeper states of meditation, faster progress, divine union and liberation.

Experiential Meditation — Prove God/Truth to yourself through personal experience in meditation. Experiential Meditation naturally follows shaktipat diksha and keeps your candle lit—shaktipat gets it started, Experiential Meditation maintains it and takes you to the goal.

Initiations — Seven degrees of initiations and advanced options.

Self Emergence  Mandalas and Master Classes, live and online, supporting your spiritual development in Life outside the meditation room.

Shaktipat Roundtable — A private “members only” password protected website. Ongoing support and contact with Durga Ma for 3rd Degree Initiates.

Engage the Experience

⇒ Experiential Meditation Encounters
One and one half hour.
Encounters are held locally in Connecticut, Arizona, California, and online with Anandi. Check the Events Calendar for an Encounter near you. Read more>>>

Experiential Meditation Master Classes
Repeatable two or three hour workshops where you will learn more about Experiential Meditation, get a shaktipat reboot, and gain more knowledge and tools for making the best of it. Master Classes are held locally in Connecticut and California. Read more>>>

Remote Shaktipat
Shaktipat transmission at a distance. Initiations are held during specific timeframes and may be taken at your convenience during this time. Dates are listed on our Events Calendar. Read more and Apply >>> 

Shaktipat Intensives
Shaktipat Intensives are held locally in Phoenix, Arizona, with Durga Ma, and are private (one person) or semi-private (two or three people).  One group Intensive is held annually.
Read more>>> 

⇒ Self Emergence
Have you wondered how you can continue your spiritual development outside the meditation room? Self Emergence Mandalas and Master Classes answer this need with a natural, automatic payoff: As you improve your own life, you positively affect everyone else in this world and beyond.

  • One and one half hour Mandalas will acquaint you with the process of aligning yourself and your life with the Real You.
  • Two and three hour Master Classes will provide you with the knowledge and support needed to become a master of your own life, and fully emerge as the divine one that you really are.

Held locally in Connecticut, Arizona, and online with Anandi. Read more>>>

⇒ Shaktipat Roundtable — Ongoing support for 3rd Degree initiates, providing in depth teachings to accelerate your progress, deepen your meditation and put you on the road to advanced stages. Connect with Durga Ma and other initiates and form discussions. More than a year’s worth of weekly Tutorials from Durga Ma. Read more>>>

Three Paths in One

There are three components to a solid pathway to spiritual fulfillment: knowledge, action (practice) and devotion. These three are often seen as separate, but neither knowledge nor action will succeed without the fundamental platform of devotion. They belong together as surely as these three in agreement prove God/Truth.

  • The written teachings of those who have completed their journey to Divine Union and know the way.
  • The oral teachings of one’s own teacher that have been passed down through that person’s lineage of teachers.
  • Personal experience gained through putting the teachings into action in one’s own practice. The primary practice of Durga Ma’s lineage is Experiential Surrender Meditation (Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga).

The teachings and practice of this meditation bring all of these essentials together in one vital path. If you are not wedded to instant gratification and feel-good spirituality but seek Truth by any name, Experiential Meditation may be for you. But it is not for everyone. If you think it may be for you, we encourage you to explore it further by attending an Experiential Meditation Encounter, Master Class, Mandala or Intensive.

Sooner or later, everyone meditates.

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