Imagine this: meditation that does itself.

Imagine This

I am going to tell you about a meditation that is unknown and radically different from anything you have heard of. Until now, it has been exclusive to a small few who have taken the “all” of an all-or-nothing path. I am changing this by offering options for experiencing some in-betweens, from the simplest to the fullest form of this meditation. Imagine this: all the frustrations you have encountered thus far with meditation will be forever changed.

Imagine This

For one hour each day, you take time for YOU. Just you, and no one else.  

Meditation RoomYou have a certain place in your home, and a certain time-period that you take this hour for yourself.

This place and time is completely private. There is no one around to try to make contact with you. Your phone is off, no beeps, no texts, no one calling out to you from another room. To convince yourself of this, you lock the door.

You leave everything else outside the door: all your expectations, beliefs, preconceived ideas (especially about meditation), attachments and desires. They will still be there when your hour is up. You can pick them up on your way out.

This is your time, your place, your practice, and you are going to go for it. In time, it will prove itself to you. Meanwhile, imagine this: you are completely FREE for one whole hour every day

After you have practiced this meditation for a while, this special place and time will call you to it. Getting yourself to meditate is no longer an issue.

If you are thinking that you don’t have an hour a day to spare, your first hurdle to jump is the one that says you can’t, or that you don’t deserve it. Imagine this: You do deserve it, and you can. Remember who this is for: YOU. Just decide that you are going to invest in yourself for a change, and go for it.

In the not so distant past, this meditation was an all-or-nothing proposition: One either did this practice, or one was a “householder.” In other words, you can’t have it both ways, and there’s no in-between.

Many years ago, my teacher told me to teach and to bring back the worship of the Goddess. He left me to determine the meaning of this. According to him, this mandate was coming from Lakulish and Kripalu, so I took it seriously, for they are the gurus of my teaching lineage.   

Considering the meaning of this, I contemplated how a mother teaches a child. My thoughts were drawn to my experience growing up, of my own and my friends’ fathers and mothers. The dads were mostly from the school of sink-or-swim, whereas the mothers would go out into the water with their children, show them how and encourage them.

distance shaktipat8Religions are strongly patriarchal. Patriarchies are prone to the sink-or-swim approach for both men and women (yes, women can be patriarchs too). It’s an all-or-nothing fraternity. I think it is time for a different approach, and I don’t mean a matriarchy. That would just be the flip side of the same thing and not much of an improvement.

This unknown, all-or-nothing meditation needs to become known and made available to anyone who wants it. It needs an in-between. It needs to be given in a way that addresses what each individual wants from life. It needs to be guided so that they don’t find themselves in the deep end of the pond without a lifeboat. It should take them where they want to go.

Surrender Sadhana

The practice of Natural Surrender Meditation

The journey we are on is long, and we are all in different places on the road. It is insane to think that at each layby there is one sadhana (practice) for everyone who reaches that point. This kind of thinking has led to countless forms of meditation, most of which are not true meditation at all. This has been the cause of much confusion and frustration with meditation and spirituality.

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga

Swami Kripalu in Surrender Meditation

Surrender sadhana will work at every stop, no matter where you are on the road, no matter who you are, or what you want. Divine Mother applies Her power, custom designed for each individual. She is the only one who can truly know what you need at every stage.

This sadhana’s aim is liberation, freedom. This is traditionally meant as liberation from rebirths. But this is not what everyone wants. Every person’s position as to the purpose of their life is their’s, and no one else’s, and should be respected. Why should such a person be barred from surrender sadhana just because they are not interested in not coming back to this world again? There is another side to freedom that makes room for this.

Bringing back the worship of the Goddess would be to say, “Let them come!” My few remaining guru-sisters will think I have gone mad to break tradition and say such a thing, but I am a Mother in more ways than one. I do not dismiss someone because they don’t want what tradition says they should want. Rather, I say, “Let’s look at what it is that you do want, and we will go from there.”  

Liberation means freedom. For the period of your surrender meditation practice, you are FREE. Truly, this is so. Imagine this: There is nothing you have to do to make it work. There is no effort, no stress, no certain way to sit, to think or to feel. You may even fall asleep.

Freedom comes through surrender. Surrender is not all or nothing.In sleep, you are at your best for this practice to work because you are not getting in the way of it. Divine Mother takes care of everything anyway, so why would you care if you fall asleep? Her intelligence is perfectly correct at all times. She is your healer, your therapist, your yoga teacher, your coach, your dreams, your spontaneous actions, your relaxation, your sleep, your stillness…and She doesn’t charge a dime. Everything happens naturally and spontaneously in Surrender Meditation according to your own needs.

The other day I sat with someone who wanted this meditation explained. Two hours later our discussion reached a point that was the beginning of understanding. It is difficult to explain this meditation, not only because it is not in anyone’s reality concerning meditation, but…imagine this…because it is so simple!

The freedom this meditation grants is wanted and needed by everyone. Over time it will bring the Real You out of the cupboard and make your life successful, easier and happier. It genuinely brings fulfillment. When you get old like me (I’m 75) and everyone you know has a bucket list, you won’t have one.

All the world has longed-for this wonderful sadhana, but it has not been heard of. No one knows it exists, so no one even knows to look for it. It is radically opposite to all other known meditation practices and has not been generally available. I have experimented with giving this initiation in a modified form to some degree, but until now, only minimally. Now this all-or-nothing meditation is changing…..

There is now an in-between.

Surrender sadhana currently bears the name Surrender Meditation. With this practice, you move naturally toward a meditative state and amazing spiritual experiences. All this takes place spontaneously through surrender to Absolute God (whatever your name is for That).

When you are not engaged in this practice, you practice Mindful Life Mastery in everyday life, without having to take any extra time out of your day. These two practices augment each other and get you where you want to go quickly. Then, if it happens that you want to go more fully into Natural Meditation, you have that option…and a head start.

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Namaste (I bow to the Divine One you really are),
Durga Ma