In addition to the three initiations listed here, visit our curriculum chart for a quick glance at all options.

1st Degree

Shaktipat diksha and  your first Experiential Meditation. Receive shaktipat and the basic form of this surrender-based meditation.

  • Remote Shaktipat. Check the Events Calendar for “Remote Shaktipat” dates. Your initiation will be on the first date after you submit your Application.
  • Experiential Meditation Encounters are held locally in Connecticut, Arizona and California. Check the Events Calendar for an event near you.

Events Calendar

2nd Degree

Repeatable Master Classes. Become a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of 1st Degree Experiential Meditation. Learn more about the practice, get a shaktipat reboot, and receive more tools for making the best of it. Master Classes are held locally in Connecticut, Arizona and California.

3rd Degree

Shaktipat Intensives and Remote Shaktipat. Shaktipat diksha and full Experiential Surrender Meditation. To take this initiation you must have taken the 1st Degree Initiation and practiced for at least one month.

Remote Shaktipat – Apply for 1st or 3rd Degree Initiation

3rd Degree – Shaktpat Intensives in Phoenix


Shaktipat Roundtable

3rd Degree initiates are expected to join Shaktipat Roundtable, a private website for initiates only.

Roundtable is your means of accessing the teachings you will need for the continued practice of full surrender Experiential Meditation, and to reach advanced stages. It will provide you with as much information and guidance as you could ever want, need, or expect to get online.

In Roundtable you can ask questions, share experiences, and engage in discussions with other initiates. Durga Ma checks in periodically, and presents new information and Tutorial documents each week.