The Eight Limbs of Spiritual Practice

  • Gain insight into the more esoteric realms of meditation
  • Learn what Yoga really is and how it can lead to superhuman powers
  • Learn how the Eight Limbs of Yoga can improve your life
  • Increase your Self-awareness and the ability to “dwell within”

Learn simple versions of eight practices for deepening meditation and accelerating spiritual growth and transformation, and the achievement of special powers that come with success. Experiment with control and restraint of the Life Force, and introversion and concentration of the Life Energy for achieving true, deep meditation and the attainment of samadhi

This course is based on Durga Ma’s translation of a portion of the Yoga Sutras by the ancient master, Patanjali. She has written it in plain and simple English to make it easy to understand, and accessible and easy for anyone to use in today’s world.

Subjects: The eight limbs; how to understand and apply the first two steps directly to improve your life; sun-moon union; royal union; meditation; special powers; meditation in motion; meditation upgrades; stress relief; pranayama, Life Force restraint; pratyahara, withdrawal of the attention; the true meditative state, samadhi.

Online course, ix lessons, six weeks or less.
Completion survey, one week.
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