Meditation Courses

Online meditation courses are listed in recommended order.

Successful Meditation Techniques

Meditation TechniquesEssential information on the science of meditation that many experienced meditators do not know. Explore meditation techniques, the most well known and popular type of meditation.

Non Technique Meditation

An entirely different way to meditate. You will be introduced to this rare and unusual meditation, and get the keys to practicing it successfully. Shine a new light on the concept of ‘free will’, and meditate successfully without using a technique.

Mindful Life Meditation is Natural for Everyone

Empowerment Meditation

Determine the type of meditation that is most natural for you. Gain an understanding of the nature of power, access your inherent power, and successfully navigate life using three simple steps.

Maximize Your Meditation

Learn simple practices for deepening meditation and accelerating spiritual growth. Gain insight into the more esoteric realms of meditation. Employ all eight limbs of yoga. Learn what yoga really is and how it can lead to special powers.

Surrender MeditationSurrender Meditation

Dig deeper into Natural Meditation. The unique feature of this meditation is that it takes place on its own, kundalini awakens naturally, and problematic side-effects do not arise. Learn about three basic forms of Divine Energy, withdrawal of the senses, channeling the Life Force, and how to shop for a teacher.

Ancient Mystical WritingsAncient Mystical Writings

See through the eyes of a sage—the study of the teachings of those who have achieved the highest success in the spiritual journey is essential for anyone determined to do the same. Travel through time on a journey through Durga Ma’s translations of ancient mystical texts. As you move through one of these, you will begin to understand translations of texts from any religion, and be able to do it on your own without having to learn the original language.

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