For Greater Mental Strength, Agility, Command and Influence

  • Learn to shift your state in an instant
  • Liberate yourself from the tyranny of fixed patterns
  • Get free of fixed mental, emotional and physical states
  • Change your overall state of being to one of your own choosing

Durga Ma developed Mental Yoga based on the principles of the yoga that you see practiced in yoga studios. You will apply these principles to the mind and the emotions, and learn how to effect complete changes of state according to your own choosing.

Mental Yoga will not only work out the cricks in your mind, but you will no longer be bound by the mind’s all-or-nothing domination. As a result, you will uncover more choices for what you think, how you think, how you feel, and what state you are in at any given time.

Mental Yoga has the capability of relieving you from the distresses of uncomfortable interactions in relationships, work, and even those ornery, circular meanderings of your private mind.

Online course, seven lessons, eight weeks or less.
Completion survey, one week.
$34.95 Enroll in the Online Course