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At Durga Ma’s Metaphysical Mall, we have everything you need to prepare yourself for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Online Meditation Courses

Tried and true courses by Durga Ma. Get the real thing. Begin meditating or up the ante on your existing practice. Learn the science of meditation from a master who speaks plain English, and makes getting knowledge pleasant and easy. If you don’t already meditate you are in the right place. More>>>

Online Life Mastery Courses

Durga Ma’s Life Mastery courses will show you how to use a special Key to master your life. You can use it any time, any where, in any situation, without taking extra time out of your day. Self Realization and a happier life are knocking at your door. More>>> 


Music at Durga Ma's Metaphysical Mall

Music CDs and downloads

The gentle quality of Durga Ma’s music invites you to the realm of higher vibrations. Your meditation will ride on the wings of her music and soothe the very core of your being.

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Books and Downloads

Books at Durga Ma's Metaphysical MallBooks on meditation and spiritual practice, translations of mystical texts in plain English, channeled books from an all-seeing cat named Sugar Pie, and Durga Ma’s books for playing keyboard music immediately and learning as you go.

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Durga Ma’s Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations at Durga Ma's Metaphysical MallRelax your body and rewire your mind.

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