Online Life Mastery Courses

Life Mastery courses are listed in recommended order.

A Course in Mindfulness 

A secret power that you have is revealed, and you learn how to apply it your life. Relationships improve and you become more successful in life. Hip Pocket Techniques for everyday use.
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Mindfulness Advanced

Mindfulness Advanced takes you deeper into yourself and your life, and  gives you powerful tools and knowledge for improving your life. You will become vested with knowledge of the workings of the mind, emotions, sensations and spirit, and learn how to change just about anything about yourself or your life. Hip Pocket Techniques for daily use.

Get closer to yourself through Mindful Life Mastery.

Get closer to yourself with Life Mastery.

Self Referencing

You getting to know You

Increase your self-confidence, improve your relationships. Gain important knowledge about yourself and your Self, and your spiritual growth will soar, and peace becomes the order of the day. More Hip Pocket Techniques for everyday use.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.17.23 PMTen Keys to Success

Principles that lead to success and special powers

Align with the Divine through ten principles descriptive of the Divine and you-as-you-really-are, that can lead you to the attainment of ten special powers. Learn how to achieve success at anything as you build a successful life and spiritual practice based on these principles. When what you do is in sync with what you want and matches these principles, your life automatically becomes easier, happier and more fulfilling.

Oil Your BrainMental Yoga

Workout the cricks in your mind

Neutralize thoughts, feelings and sensations through Mental Yoga. Learn how to create a complete communication cycle. Gain greater mental strength, agility, command and influence. Liberate yourself from the domination of annoying, unwanted mindsets, and shift your state in an instant. Develop freedom from fixed mental, emotional and physical states, and get relief from their effects. Determine what you want to think, and what you want to feel emotionally, or change your overall state of being to one of your own choosing.

Design or re-design your life for happiness.Design Your Life

Design or redesign your life for success and happiness

Determine what you want most in your life, and how to achieve and maintain it. If your life is filled with conflicting wants, needs, responsibilities and things you have to do, Design Your Life will get to the bottom of what you really want, and help you to determine the kinds of pursuits and practices that best support that aim.

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