Mindful Life is on a mission. The mission is YOU. We have no investment in what spiritual path you walk, but we do have an investment in you, and in your own personal progress — it affects our own, and the entire family that is our world.

Mindful Life Mission - You Can Save The World

Improve your life and serve the world through progress.
Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.

There are many efforts afoot to help others, rescue our declining environment, and make a better world. Yet the environment continues to decline, wars continue, and masses of people are still hungry, uneducated, and even bought and sold. Such profound suffering demands our attention … and our help.

But all the money in the world, all the periodic worldwide meditations, all the volunteered time, etc., while necessary and helpful, will have only a minimal effect compared to the degree of suffering. There is only one way that any individual can actually affect this situation in a BIG way — YOU must move forward. It is by taking up this challenge that positive changes are made that endure.

Expand your consciousness and become more self-aware through meditation, mindfulness, self-referencing, empowerment, mental yoga and ten keys to success (at anything).

By moving yourself forward, you serve your entire world family and even the Earth itself. Durga Ma teaches how this works, and how making significant progress in your own life positively affects the world and all that live here.

Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.

Mindful Life Meditation

Replace effort with Experience

Natural Surrender Meditation will take you on the most amazing journey you will ever experience. Contrary to most teachings on yoga meditation, not only does Surrender Meditation not rely on will power, it excludes it altogether. It is entirely spontaneous and one-hundred percent experience.

Buddha lying down

Don’t just DO meditation, EXPERIENCE it and prove the Divine for yourself. Make your meditation room your lab, and replace effort with personal experience. By putting correct knowledge into action, experience is gained and wisdom arrives.

Correct knowledge of meditation brings success through experience.

Mindful Life Mastery

Continued spiritual development outside the meditation room.

As your True Self emerges, greater happiness emerges with it. Knowing yourself and your Self, you serve everyone by living in Truth. Your life becomes more satisfying, and the lives of others are benefited. As you become Happier, the world becomes a Happier place.

Mind5 - Consciousness

By aligning your Life with your divine Real Self, you can achieve Life Mastery while pulling every one of us forward with you. In this simple way, you serve the world and everyone in it.

Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.

The Whole World is One Family

Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.