At the core of every individual, the Real Self is waiting to be revealed and released. Direct experience of your true Self is called Self-Realization. This comes sooner if your everyday self matches your real Self. Successfully achieve this through Mindful Life Mastery.

Self Realization is Knocking at Your Door

Get closer to yourself through Mindful Life Mastery.

Get closer to your Self through Mindful Life Mastery.

Matching your real Self is achieved by aligning yourself and your life with fundamental spiritual principles based on the characteristics of your Real Self. The result of this is greater happiness, more ease, better relationships and more successes. It is the fast track to personal and spiritual development, and ultimately, Self Realization.

Mindful Life Mastery – Matching What You Do with What You Want

Matching your purpose in life with what you do is done in the context of ten universal principles. With these aspects of your life in sync with each other, your life will run smoother, and you will experience more fulfillment.

Mindful Life Mastery is the key to ultimately experiencing the direct realization of your true Self. But there is another payoff: Your progress will positively affect everyone else in this world and beyond.

You Have the Key

Your own progress positively affects everyone.

Master Classes, Mandalas & Retreats

We offer Mindful Life Mastery Mandalas, Master Classes and Retreats for committed individuals determined to make the absolute best of their lives. During this process, everyone assimilates the effects of your progress. Their lives are gradually changed, even though they may not know the source of their good fortune: the gift of your own progress. And you do it by improving your own life.

Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.

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Each of these branches are mutually supportive, regardless of the their order:


Meditation is integral to any form of self-improvement. Look over our programs in Natural Meditation and find your fit.

Design Your Life

Determine what you want most in your life, and how to achieve and maintain it. If your life is filled with conflicting wants, needs, responsibilities and things you have to do, Design Your Life will get to the bottom of what you really want, and help you to determine the kinds of pursuits and practices that best support that aim.

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Advanced

At this very moment, you have the Key to mastering your life. You can use this Key any time, any where, in any situation, and it won’t even take extra time out of your day. Mindfulness reveals this secret power that you have. Properly applied, your consciousness naturally expands as your experience of life becomes more positive, and all your relationships and undertakings, more successful.

Ten Keys to Success

Align with the Divine through ten principles descriptive of the Divine and you-as-you-really-are, that can lead you to the attainment of ten special powers. Learn how to achieve success at anything as you build a successful spiritual practice based on these principles. When what you do is in sync with what you want and matches these principles, your life automatically becomes easier, happier and more fulfilling.

Mental Yoga

Work out the cricks in your mind for greater mental strength, agility, command and influence. Liberate yourself from the domination of annoying, unwanted mindsets, and shift your state in an instant. Develop freedom from fixed mental, emotional and physical states, and get relief from their effects. Determine what you want to think, and what you want to feel emotionally, or change your overall state of being to one of your own choosing.

Self Referencing

Self Referencing is all about you getting to know You. It is one of the most important things you will ever do. You will increase your self-confidence, improve your relationships, gain important knowledge about yourself and your Self, and your spiritual growth will soar. Personal and spiritual growth are augmented through the practice of Self Referencing with self-honesty, and peace becomes the order of the day.

Teacher Training

Teach what you learn and share your experience with others.