Shaktipat — What It Is and What It Does


Shaktipat is likened to the lighting of one lamp with another lamp. By assuming a state of surrender to God/Truth, this transference of spiritual power is received. This activates the Life Energy in the body of the initiate and allows for the evolutionary force (kundalini) to awaken naturally and safely on its own.

During this initiation, one might experience anything from dynamic phenomena or spontaneous movements, to subtle clearings and refinements of mind and emotions, or even yoga nidra (yogic sleep).

Natural Meditation is the natural partner to shaktipat diksha (initiation). Ongoing practice of this meditation is the best means of accelerating spiritual growth. The initiate continues this meditation practice in order to reach advanced stages.

Shaktipat is the transmission of Divine Energy by an empowered master. This allows for the bound Life Energy in the body to be set free. To keep the energy active and free, one continues the meditation practice learned at initiation.

Many people come thinking that this initiation will get them enlightened and everything will be accomplished, but Shakti is an instigator, She starts things. Shaktipat is an ‘initiation’ — the start of the most amazing journey you will ever take.

Shakti is nature’s go-power. She starts everything. 

Surrender Is the Key to Shaktipat

Surrender is the key to receiving shaktipat. Surrender is the abandonment of all preconceived ideas, expectations, desires, desires for certain outcomes, experiences or other wonders. One should forget about what they think should happen, or what they think initiation should do for them. Harboring these desires and expectations will harness the shakti, restrict the energy, and deaden the experience.

Like lighting one candle with another candle, shaktipat is transmitted for the purpose of freeing the Life Energy in the body to awaken kundalini naturally and safely. By this means, you can reach deeper states of meditation, make faster progress, and achieve divine union and liberation.

Shaktipat and Natural Meditation

Prove God for yourself.

Prove God, Truth, for yourself through personal experience in your own lab, your meditation.

Natural Meditation naturally follows shaktipat diksha and keeps your candle lit — shaktipat gets it started, Natural Meditation maintains it and takes you to the goal. Through personal experience in meditation, God is proved.

Natural Meditation is spontaneous and requires no technique. This makes it possible to easily achieve a surrendered state. Because the initiate is surrendered, the Life Energy is free to do its job. By continuing the practice of this meditation, kundalini will awaken naturally and safely.

Meditate Like a Master

The unique aspect of shaktipat with Durga Ma is that you receive initiation into this uncommon practice that is rare and not easy to come by. It is the original meditation of ancient masters. It is called Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, Surrender Meditation, Natural Meditation and Experiential Meditation, and many other names in Sanskrit.

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga is Surrender Meditation

Spontaneous Meditation is Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation has been called “The Shakti Jet,” for it propels one forward a thousand times faster than other forms of meditation in which the use of techniques quell the freedom of the Life Energy (prana).

Natural Meditation is the key to making the fullest use of shaktipat. Through it, you will have the means to allow Shakti the freedom to act according to Her own divine intelligence. This freedom brings about spontaneous meditation, safe and natural kundalini awakening, accelerated evolution, and ultimately, personal independence and union with God, Truth, and realization of the True Self: Self Realization.