Let mindfulness give you the gift of Happiness. It’s your natural state.

Mindfulness will move you through your day leaving you with a sense of having done something truly important, but so simple and easy that you may wonder how you did it. Your progress will create a ripple effect. Your joy will affect everyone, mitigate suffering and increase happiness. Every step you take moves everyone forward with you.

  • Basic Principles for Personal Growth
  • Meditation Technology
  • Practical Hip-Pocket Techniques
  • One Minute Meditations

Mindful Life Mastery

Mindfulness Life Mastery puts the World At Your Fingertip

Let Mindfulness Put the World At Your Fingertip

There are fundamental principles that are necessary to know and do for efforts at self-improvement to be successful and lasting. Mindful Life Mastery is the answer to this common omission. 

By becoming familiar with these concepts and putting them into action, you will increase your self-awareness and be able to deal with just about anything life brings you. And you will discover for yourself that your power is inherent and only needs to be accessed by using a few simple steps.

Mindful Life Meditation

You will be taken on a journey that will have an amazing effect on your present meditation or get you started from scratch. Even if you are an experienced meditator, you will love these courses as they shine a new light on your meditation, and fill in gaps you didn’t know where there.

Mindful Life Meditation is comprised of courses spanning several years in the making. Durga Ma has tested and piloted her courses taking care to meet the needs of her students. There have been only positive responses.

Personal Experience

You will implement what you learn through personal experience. You will receive Experiments and practical Hip-Pocket Techniques that you can use on a daily basis, and you’ll have them for the rest of your life.

  • Mindfulness Techniques can be done anytime, anywhere, and do not require extra time.
  • One Minute Meditations will calm your mind and bring you into a state of genuine mindfulness. You will be able to continue your activities renewed, with your feet on the ground.

One Minute Meditations can be taken beyond this to a stronger point if desired, and done for longer time-periods to create a regular meditation practice. You will learn how to implement this process so that meditating becomes attractive and you look forward to your meditation.