A rare meditation that does all the work for you

  • An Unusual MeditationAn introduction to an uncommon meditation
  • Learn about the two fundamental types of meditation
  • Discover the nature of your own mind
  • Shine a new light on the concept of ‘free will’
  • Meditate successfully without using a technique

Discover an entirely new style of meditating. You will be introduced to this rare and unusual meditation that Durga Ma calls Non Technique Meditation. You will get the keys to practicing it successfully in a modified form.

This meditation has been hidden for centuries and given only to a few loyal disciples by the few teachers who have known of its existence.

Non Technique Meditation will surprise you. It is so simple that it can be difficult to understand (mind’s do not like “simple”).

There are some vitally important things you must know to practice this form of meditation. Durga Ma will teach you these things so that you will understand it and be able to use it successfully.

By the time you have completed this course, you will have information and experience with both fundamental types of meditation, and have options that you probably didn’t even know existed before.

Six lessons, six weeks or less. Completion survey, one week.

Bonus Audios you can download to your computer:
1 Minute of Meditation Music – Sanctuary
5 Minutes of Meditation Music – Crystal Caverns
10 Minutes of Meditation Music – Celestial Mountain
10 Minute Meditation Timer – Music opening and closing, silence between
A Guided Listening Meditation
20 Minute Meditation Timer – Guided, music opening and closing silence between
20 Minute Meditation Timer – Music opening and closing, Vasu
30 Minute Meditation Timer – Music opening and closing, Afloat

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