Life Readings

about the kinds of lessons you will encounter and how you can use them to your advantage.Get your map to personal fulfillment

Discover what you are in life to learn, to do, and to master, and what the payoff for success will be.

Durga Ma translates your own messages to yourself by reading your finger prints and the skin ridge patterns on your hands. Because these patterns never change and are unique to each individual, they can reveal a great deal about your life’s agenda. You will learn what you are here to accomplish, your special gifts and talents, the life lessons that are worth attending to, and how to turn them into gold.

Spiritual Counseling

Revelations, resolutions and results

Personal issues, lifestyle changes, accessing personal power, relationships, success, decisions, problem solving.

Tell Durga Ma your story and ask what you need to know. Resolve current issues and personal challenges. Reveal your deepest desires and plunge ahead, fully expecting fulfillment. Access your inherent power and achieve success.

Meditation Instruction

Mindful Life Meditation in both technique and non-technique modalities, in private and semi-private settings

Learn the basics of meditation science and find the type of meditation that best suits you personally.

By learning what meditation really is, how it works and how to do it successfully, you will get the best results. It sometimes happens that one’s meditation is a struggle, or not going anywhere. This will happen when meditation is inconsistent with what you want in life. The meditation that is right for you will be harmonious with that aim, and will strengthen and support it.