remote shaktipat receivedRemote Shaktipat is Back

Because of your many requests, Durga Ma has reinstated Remote Shaktipat with Experiential Meditation and some modifications:

1st Degree

Shaktipat and 1st Degree Experiential Meditation will give you a new way to meditate that is completely effortless and extremely effective. Click 1st Degree on the Application.

3rd Degree

After one month of 1st Degree meditation practice, you may apply for 3rd Degree. This diksha involves Durga Ma’s meditation of choice, full surrender Experiential Meditation, also called Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga. Click 3rd Degree on the Applicataion.

A Cautionary Note

Please do not apply if your only interest is to have an “experience”. This is not to say that you will not have one, but if phenomena is your only interest, you are wasting your time because you will probably not have one. (Shakti does not like to be ‘used’.)

If you are taking shaktipat because you want to get your kundalini to awaken, you should understand that this powerful force is not to be taken lightly. If you take on kundalini for anything other than achieving liberation, at best you are wasting your time, at worst you may find yourself in too deeply to fulfill your desires, and may even run into trouble.

If on the other hand you are sincerely interested in spiritual development and liberation, Experiential Meditation will bring you wonders beyond your ability to imagine. You have only to continue with this practice and trust God.

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