Spiritual development outside the meditation room. Person-to-person Self Emergence and Life Mastery in an interactive setting.

Real Life, Real Happiness, Real You

At the core of every individual the Real You is waiting to be revealed and released. This is achieved by aligning yourself and your life with your Divine Real Self. The result is greater Self awareness and greater Happiness—more fulfillment, more ease, better relationships, and more successes…..and more spiritual development.

Align Your Life with Your Divine Real Self

Self Emergence

Self Emergence has a natural, automatic payoff: You will improve your own life by aligning yourself and your life with the characteristics of your Real Divine Self. But there is another payoff, too: Your progress will positively affect everyone else in this world and beyond.

Step back a pace or two and consider our isolation from each other as we increasingly rely on our computers and the internet for being with others. Our perceptions are based solely on appearances and assumptions about each other. It is at once a house of mirrors and a house of cards. Looking into the mirror, one sees only more images that disclose nothing…and falls apart at the slightest whisper of a breeze.

The divine individual that you really are already knows all this. Self Emergence simply brings this wisdom forward.

“I am the origin of all that exists. Everything is set into motion from Me. Thus the wise with the ability to meditate, worship Me. Conscious of Me, their Life Force flowing to me, continually coming together, sharing and relating their experiences of Me, they enlighten each other and are happy and fulfilled.” — Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

This excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita speaks to why we have determined to offer Self Emergence Mandalas and Master Classes for committed individuals determined to make the absolute best of their lives. During this process, others gradually assimilate the effects of your progress, and their lives are gradually changed, even though they may not know the source of their good fortune: the gift of your own progress.

But enough talk. Let’s just do it. Check Events or our Events Calendar for Mandalas and Master Classes nearest you. 

In Arizona with Durga Ma
In Connecticut with Anandi
In California with Siddhi
In Toronto with Kalki
In Gurugram (New Delhi) India with Shri

One and one-half hour

Master Classes
Two hours, $35
Three hours, $45
Preregistration is required

(Costs may vary)

Options At A Glance

Get to where you want to go with…


Experiential Meditation,
making masters for more than 40,000 years,
the original and authentic meditation,
Non-Technique Surrender Meditation,
replaces effort with experience.

Life Outside of Meditation

Learn what to do when you’re not meditating
that will accelerate your spiritual development even more,
bring you greater happiness,
and benefit others at the same time.

Your Way

Do everything all at once, in order,
or one at a time in any combination.
Work with live teachers and online
for intel and support.

Being True to Your Real Self can Change the World.

Being true to your Real Self can change the world.