Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga

If you are truly interested in your spiritual development, you will want to take up Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga. This practice brings about the meditative state naturally and spontaneously. It teaches you meditation, and you discover what meditation really is…and it isn’t what you thought. While this practice teaches you about meditation, it awakens Kundalini naturally and safely.

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga is a daily platform for what most people are looking for with Shaktipat. With the practice of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, you will get Shakti every day in your meditation.

This is a simple and easy practice. It is so simple in fact, that it is easy to make the mistake of thinking that nothing is going on, and return to willful meditation where you can sustain the illusion of control. But something is going on. Something is always happening in this practice. Even if at first you are only being brought to a point of readiness for the awakening of Kundalini, it is taking you where you need to go.  

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga brings about purification. Throughout our lives, we are constantly taking in ‘toxins’ of all sorts: physical toxins, emotional toxins, mental toxins, food toxins, environmental toxins. Shakti brings about purification that shows up in many different ways during your practice, so that it can progress at its best, and so can you. What I mean to say is that purification will not reach a point at which you have no further need of it. It will continue as long as you have a body, because toxins will continue to enter it until you don’t.

Things are put where they belong.


Shaktipat is Sanskrit for ‘shakti-giving’.
Shakti is Sanskrit for ‘power’, specifically the power that makes things happen.

The first piece of this rather long, but succinct, title, is Shaktipat. There is much interest in Shaktipat these days. There is a desperate search going on for some kind of spiritual experience. The problem with this is that, when a person takes Shaktipat and doesn’t have an experience, there is disappointment. And out he goes, again and again, seeking a “real” guru who can give him an experience. But the problem is not with the person giving Shaktipat, but with himself.

He says, “But I read in a book that this guru just touched this person and he went into samadhi instantly.” I could say to him, “I believe you, but this person was ready for it, so that is what happened.” But this would cause our seeker to feel unworthy, and even more depressed and desperate, so I hold my tongue.

Having heard all kinds of stories about Shaktipat experiences, he has unwittingly built a false criteria for what constitutes an “experience”. This quickly became his expectation, which he now holds as a standard meant to indicate whether or not he has received shaktipat. But his standard of expectation is based on other people’s experiences! And then there are all the stories he will never hear, because they are disappointments, and these people are not talking.


Kundalini is Sanskrit for ‘the little coiled one’ and refers to the evolutionary force within DNA.

The next piece of our title also has some bumps associated with it. The first is that when you take shaktipat, your Kundalini awakens. This is not always true. In fact, it is rarely true.

First, Shakti tries to release the life energy in the body so it can become strong enough to awaken Kundalini. This can only happen if the initiate is surrendered. If the initiate is using his will, he is restraining the life energy. That’s what will is: restraint, or control, of the life energy. Unless one surrenders to the Divine Shakti, the life energy is not free, and Kundalini cannot awaken.

The second bump is that it is Shaktipat that awakens Kundalini. When the life energy is free, it becomes strong and wants to ascend. This is called pranotthana, meaning ‘strong life energy up’. Pranotthana has long been mistaken for Kundalini. It is not Kundalini, but it is what awakens Her.

Shakti precipitates pranotthana, and pranotthana awakens Kundalini.

Kundalini is the powerful force of intensified evolution. Change is inherent in evolution, so it is to be expected that, with an awakened Kundalini, you are in for some intense changes.

If you are not ready to submit yourself to God/Truth, you are probably not ready for Kundalini. There is no fault in this. If you have responsibilities that prevent this, let it be so. Forget about Kundalini for now, and just prepare the way for when you are ready.

Even though there are milder forms of Kundalini, there is always the temptation to jump in and let Her take over. To play it safe, take Shaktipat initiation but keep your meditation limited to an hour a day. There are other spiritual practices that you can do to complement this form of meditation at other times in daily life.


The word ‘yoga’ is Sanskrit for ‘union’ and has two major phases: the union of sun and moon energies, and the union of you with God.

When you first begin the practice Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, you will probably be doing a lot of contemplating, especially where the spiritual principles of yama and niyama are concerned. 

Yama and niyama are ten spiritual principles that describe you as you really are: a Divine Individual. By aligning with these ten principles, the Real You emerges.

During your meditation, you may be drawn to perform some asanas (yoga postures and movements), or it may be your mind that performs asanas. Or your emotions. And you may experience automatic breathing of gentle to dynamic qualities.

Asanas are postures, positions and dispositions of the body, mind and feelings. The Sanskrit word means, ‘to sit, rest, lie down’ and ‘to be present’.

Shaktipat Kundalini YogaThen, when the coast is clear, the cooling and downward flowing energy in the body (moon), and the warming and upward flowing energy in the the body (sun) will meet and unite at the base of the spine, and Kundalini, the evolutionary force, will awaken. This is the first union, the first form of Yoga.

Later, when there has been enough purification, and enough of the first form of Yoga, a new phase will set in. Now union is the union of you with Kundalini—you and God.

So you see, there is a lot to consider before you blithely go out seeking to get your Kundalini awakened. Go ahead and seek out Shaktipat, remembering what you have read here. It can’t hurt anything but the ego. Open specifically to Divine Shakti, let go, and let God in the form of Shakti, take you where you need to go.

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