For Initiates Only

After Initiation Surrender Meditation Shaktipat Roundtable Conditions for PracticeThe purpose of Shaktipat Roundtable is to provide initiates with online support and contact with Durga Ma. In order to maintain progress and reach advanced stages, the continued study and practice of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, Natural Meditation, is crucial.

Shaktipat Roundtable

• A community of initiates
• Weekly tutorials and inspiration from Durga Ma
• Personal experience experiments
• Discussions on tutorials and experiments
• Sharing of meditation experiences
• Questions for Durga Ma

The amount of information concerning Natural Meditation is nearly boundless, yet it is so simple it can be difficult to stick with it when there is no one to talk to, no knowledge, and no guidance to help you along the way. Without it, you will probably quit, sooner or later.

While it is understood that Oral Teachings require one’s physical presence and an already established and satisfactory relationship with guru, any and all knowledge that can be conveyed by distant means will be provided over time through teachings, guidance and messages from Durga Ma in Roundtable.

Shaktipat Roundtable is a password protected site for initiates only. There is no set fee for Roundtable, but we ask that members make a monthly pledge donation of any amount for this work. Donations and pledges are tax-deductible.

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