Shakti, the Instigating Energy of Nature, Starts Everything

Shakti is the instigating force of nature that makes things happen.

Shakti is the instigating energy of nature that starts everything.

Shaktipat is the transmission of this Divine Energy from an empowered master to the initiate. It initiates spontaneous meditation and can be direct, broadcast or remote. Kundalini may awaken according to the preparedness of the individual.

Sometimes called the descent of Grace, it is often likened to lighting one candle with another candle, allowing for the bound Life Energy in the body to be set free. Once this energy is released, the evolutionary force, kundalini, will naturally awaken on its own. To keep this energy activated and free, one continues the practice learned at initiation.

Spiritual Experiences

A genuine spiritual experience can be very inspiring, and sometimes, very addictive. Such experiences are indicative of a good degree of readiness for going forward on the spiritual path, but when it becomes the focus of your seeking, you have missed the point.

Shaktipat, the transmission of shakti, is an initiation (diksha). The word ‘initiation’ means ‘to begin; to start something’. What you are going to start doing is Experiential Meditation, a surrender meditation that will keep your shakti active and working for you.

To get the most out of shaktipat diksha, set aside all your preconceived ideas, expectations, desires for experiences or other wonders, and all your ideas of what you think should happen, or what you think your initiation should do for you. Harboring these desires will restrict the energy and deaden your experience.

Many people come seeking shaktipat thinking that it will get them enlightened and everything will be accomplished. But Shakti is the instigator, She starts things, which is why this is called an initiation—it is the beginning of the most amazing journey you will ever take.

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga

Meditate like a Master

The unique aspect of shaktipat with Durga Ma is that you also receive initiation into an uncommon practice that is rare and not easy to come by. It is the original meditation of ancient masters. Durga Ma calls it Experiential Meditation.

Experiential Meditation

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga is Surrender Meditation

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, Experiential Meditation

Experiential Meditation has been called “The Shakti Jet,” for it propels one forward a thousand times faster than other forms of meditation in which the use of techniques quell the freedom of the Life Energy (prana).

Experiential Meditation is the key to making the fullest use of shaktipat. Through it, you will have the means to allow Shakti the freedom to act according to Her own divine intelligence. This freedom brings about spontaneous meditation, safe and natural kundalini awakening, accelerated evolution, and ultimately, liberation and union with God, Truth, the Absolute.

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