Shakti, the Instigating Energy of Nature, Starts Everything

Shakti is the instigating force of nature that makes things happen.

Shaktipat — What It Is, What It Does, and What It Doesn’t Do

Shaktipat is the transmission of Divine Energy by an empowered master. This allows for the bound Life Energy in the body to be set free. To keep this Divine Energy active and free, one continues the meditation practice learned at initiation.

Shakti is the instigating energy of nature that starts everything. She is nature’s go-power. Kundalini is the evolutionary force. But it is not true that shaktipat awakens kundaliniShaktipat releases the Life Energy (prana) in the body of the surrendered initiate. When this energy is released it becomes very strong and awakens kundalini. While this may sometimes happen at initiation, it is very rare.

Experiential Meditation is spontaneous and requires no technique. This makes it possible to easily achieve a surrender state. Because the initiate is surrendered, the Life Energy is free to do its job. By continuing the practice of this meditation, kundalini will awaken naturally and safely.

Shaktipat & Surrender

Surrender is the key to receiving shaktipat. It is the abandonment of all preconceived ideas, expectations, desires, desires for certain outcomes, experiences or other wonders. So forget about what you think should happen, or what you think your initiation should do for you. Harboring these desires and expectations will harness the shakti, restrict the energy, and deaden your experience.

Many people come thinking that this initiation will get them enlightened and everything will be accomplished, but Shakti is an instigator, She starts things. Thus it called ‘initiation’—it is the beginning of the most amazing journey you will ever take.

Meditate Like a Master

The unique aspect of shaktipat is that you also receive initiation into an uncommon practice that is rare and not easy to come by. It is the original meditation of ancient masters: Experiential Meditation.

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga is Surrender Meditation

Spontaneous Meditation is Experiential Meditation

Experiential Meditation has been called “The Shakti Jet,” for it propels one forward a thousand times faster than other forms of meditation in which the use of techniques quell the freedom of the Life Energy (prana).

Experiential Meditation is the key to making the fullest use of shaktipat. Through it, you will have the means to allow Shakti the freedom to act according to Her own divine intelligence. This freedom brings about spontaneous meditation, safe and natural kundalini awakening, accelerated evolution, and ultimately, personal independence and union with God, Truth, the Absolute.