Be the first in your neighborhood to teach authentic meditation

No previous experience required.

Attention Yoga Teachers ! Durga Ma’s Teacher Training is your opportunity to teach authentic yoga meditation to your students.

Attention Yoga Teachers - This is your opportunity to teach authentic yoga meditation to your students.After developing and refining her courses over a period of many years, Durga Ma has created a Meditation Teacher Training and Certification program so that others can also teach her courses. Once your Training is completed, you will be certified by Durga Ma and Phoenix Metaphysical Institute, LLC., and entered into our Directory.

New to meditation?

Learn as you go, and acquire the experience and confidence necessary to share it with others.

Already have some meditation experience?

Accelerate your progress, increase your knowledge base, and teach others with the confidence of an experienced meditator.

Already an experienced meditator?

Learn new approaches to authentic meditation and how to teach it to others in interactive classes, seminars or workshops.

Training & Certification

Teach Authentic Meditation in a Supportive Setting

Our teacher training course is based on the three New Dawn meditation courses listed in Mindful Life Meditation and Mastery. You have the option to take these courses before your training begins, or to take them along with your teacher training course at reduced tuition.

Our Teacher Training will prepare you to teach these courses in classes, workshops and seminars.

You will receive a wealth of materials and teaching tools, as well as personal support from Durga Ma. You will also receive access to discounted course materials (textbooks, meditation music and audio CDs) that you may resell to students at list price.

SUBJECTS: How to teach; where to teach; formats for courses; teaching tools and techniques; dyads and contemplations; structuring seminars, classes and workshops; creating and using lesson plans; teaching with kindness; creating course materials for students; promoting yourself; creating course proposals; presenting previews, etc.


Personal support from Durga Ma and the Mandala Team.

Certification Requirements

  1. Completion survey.
  2. Submission and approval by Durga Ma of specific materials you create. You will be able to use these materials in your teaching career.

After Certification

Certified Teachers will receive…

  • Teaching Certificate
  • Local listing in our directory
  • Private password encoded sites for purchasing discounted materials for your students
  • Continued support for teachers of Durga Ma’s Mindful Life Meditation.

Technique, NonTechnique and Empowerment Meditation
Eleven weeks or less
$375  Enroll

No Prerequisites:
Three Meditation Courses and Teacher Training
$450  Enroll 

Advanced Training

Training for advanced courses is available to certified teachers.