Meditation Courses Testimonials

“I find this first of New Dawn courses excellent, full of essential, condensed information, and enlightening regardless of previous experience in meditation (or lack of it).” — Brahmananda

“The information in this course is very simple, easy to understand, and still no less powerful, but in fact can be more powerful than more elaborate or complicated systems.  The information in this course goes straight to the essence of concentration practice leading to Meditation.  Anyone who sincerely follows and implements these instructions in actual practice can certainly achieve clarity into the nature of Self, and Self-Realization through experience of Absorption/Samadhi.” — Darshan Baba

“I loved the experiments because they were amazing additions to help me explore and bring into awareness the inner experiences of my mind, even when I’m away from my altar and in the world. The information given was also very beneficial, I felt I was learning things I hadn’t learned even in my yoga teacher training (Yoga Nidra, Nada).” — D. M., Complementary Health Care

“The idea that our senses exist independently of the organs of sense has triggered my imagination and brought me to point of trying to connect first to the consciousness “outside” of my senses, my emotions, and my thinking. The teaching is very clear and right to the point. I like that. The One-minute exercices are good exercises. I see how easy it is for my mind to wander around even if I’m asked to focus just for one minute.”— É. F., Ph.D., Sociology Research

“This course gave me an understanding of the actual “mechanics” involved in meditation. I now have a much clearer understanding of meditation is and how to arrive at it.”  — Arthur Rowell, University of Southern Mississippi

“I am always internal and I realized how much I was missing in life because I was not focusing on what was right in front of me. I feel like now, when I look at something, I truly see it for what it is instead of just skimming across it. It has really made me open my eyes in more ways that I thought would help me.” — Jolynn

“I can really do this. I have never been able to ‘still’ my mind, and thought I could never successfully meditate. The tools I learned in this course enabled me to do it.  The best parts of this course are the information, the meditations, and the music.” — Julie Rae, L. Ac.

“The most important thing I gained from this course was how applicable it is to ANY meditator regardless of how “advanced” they may be … the techniques and experiments were a direct and powerful addition to my existing sadhana and reenergized my contemplation practice, giving new depth and insight to how my mind moves the attention and processes thought/emotion, energy.” — Kristina Luce, Massage Therapist

“Learned to quiet the mind and enter into a more peaceful state. I know I am on the verge of attaining a truly spiritual practice. I found the information to be exactly what I wanted. A most valuable introduction to the science and art of meditation.” — P. Walton

“The best feature of this course is its simplicity.  The course as a whole is really laid out well.” — S. Luce

“One minute meditations exist and are attainable. Once I could achieve a concentrated attention on the lesson’s item and hold the attention for one minute, I was amazed at the release and embrace of structured meditation. I had already begun a daily meditation time and process. Now I can tune into the state of meditative awareness without all the fuss. In addition my scheduled times, deeper meditation has brought greater depth and more consistently. I’m so excited to know about sound. I have often heard etherial sound, and it appeared on the tape while I was being given a past life regression many years ago.” — Seva Devi, retired

“Paying attention to my attention supports me in realizing all that “I am”. Honestly, all of of it! The information was valuable. The experiments were practical and profound. The meditations were revealing. The music was supportive. The videos where all encompassing. The guided meditations were gentle and inviting. The discussions were useful and necessary. The journaling was liberating and a great companionship.” — Sonia E., Teacher

“I liked all five One Minute Meditations. Journaling and writing down dreams and thoughts after meditation was very important for me. All of it was important, but the music for meditation is very powerful. It makes your soul dance.” — Tamera, Process Technology

“The information, the experiments, and the meditations were most valuable to me. Definitely. I now have more material and techniques to bring with me into my own teaching.” — T. M., Medical Equipment Representative and Freelance Meditation Instructor

“The way it is organized, the down to earth language is very cool….very inspiring…candid chat makes it very personal as well. I didn’t really think I would find something alive in me when I first thought of reading this. Now I’m thinking I’m going to start from the beginning and do everything you say here, in the right order, and give it an experiment and see what unfolds. Because it is so well written and simply put, something in me thinks maybe I will apply myself, like a true beginner, and with enthusiasm. I will be in grade 1, and will not move out until my inner moves me out. I’m really impressed with this.” — Clara, purveyor of fine foods, and church organist.