Durga Ma’s Meditation Teacher Training Testimonials

“Not only did I learn what true meditation is, I also learned how to share it with others.  Both are independently valuable, but when found together, real change in the world becomes possible.” — Arthur Rowell, Computer Systems Administrator

“The most important benefit of this training was confidence. Confidence that I can do this — that I can teach people to meditate and enjoy the benefits of meditation in a way that is sensible, approachable and successful; that I can design the classes/seminars/workshops they need and the materials to present. This training provided tools and techniques that allowed me to find the resources I need to do this work within myself. This, in turn, will allow me to help others find that they, too, have all they will ever need residing within them, if only they will open themselves to it. This training opened my eyes, ears, mind, heart, and soul to all of this and helped me find the confidence to keep them open.” — Connie Koran, Writer, Editor, Healing Facilitator, Meditation Guide, Reiki Master Teacher Certification, Certified Professional Life Coach.

“A deeper understanding of how truly bottomless this practice is. There are an infinite number of avenues from which to experience and learn about meditation, and no matter what point I am on the journey a new dimension, deeper understanding and greater awareness of my true Self is always arising.” — Kristina Luce, Licensed Massage Therapist