Three hours, $35
Preregistration is required

Workshops are interactive and include information, experiments, meditations, dialogues, discussions, and question and answer periods.

Personal Growth & Meditation

Foundation for personal growth, meditation technology, and where they meet.

Personal Growth & Surrender

Technique and Non-Technique Meditation.
Foundations for Personal Growth.

Access Your Power

The Absolute and the Relative.
Access your personal power through meditation.

Accessing Personal Power in Life

Simple steps for accessing your personal power in everyday life for practical purposes.

Applying Your Power in Life

Learn the ten keys to success at anything by living harmoniously with the Real You.

Design Your Life and
Design Your Life, Advanced

Design or redesign your life to get what you do to match what you want, to achieve success, reduce or eliminate stress, and live a happier life.

Mental Yoga

Work out the cricks in your mind.
Improve your relationships.
Learn how to shift your state on the spot.

Maximize Your Meditation

Upgrade your meditation. Learn practices that will deepen your meditation and accelerate progress to bring you special powers that come with success.

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